New 4th industrial revolution is driven by Distributed ledger technology,Artificial intelligence,Data analytics,Nano-satellite and Robotics

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GCRYPT :Infinite possibilities | 4th industrial revolution

Our Mission

Our vision is to support manufacturing with Uniques  Decentralised Secure Machine Communication Technology, Gcrypt platform creates new possibilities, Pairing 4th digital revolution with the circular economy. The impending digital transformation, holds the potential to redefine the very basis of our materials-reliant industrial economy. Our work is focused on the end-to-end pervasive connectivity of Intelligent Assets with a continuous effort for R&D and deep understanding of customer needs.

GCRYPT :Infinite possibilities | 4th industrial revolution


Embedded automation systems designed for limited equipment space

Gcrypt’s new-generation of industrial automation, Programable Logic Controller(PLC ) and IPCs are designed to face the common challenges of limited equipment space,plus the need for quick maintenance times and Near-Zero-downtime.Imagine machines that understand human beings and that think and act by themselves.

GCRYPT :Infinite possibilities | 4th industrial revolution


Creating a decentralised cognitive computing platform of the future

Cerebro10X is a cognitive tool, embodied to Gcrypt platform, It makes the machines to interact with human and digitise decision .The goal is to keep the production line running with Near-Zero- Downtime and move the products out of the door and ship it to the end consumer.Gcrypt platform supports a business strategy by outlining the core benefits and key drivers which will help CXOs and business leaders to link their IIoT initiatives with business and financial performance.

GCRYPT :Infinite possibilities | 4th industrial revolution

Secure communication

Mission-critical, New secure worldwide industrial communication

From ocean to orbit and everywhere in between, Gcrypt solutions connect, inform and protect the world. We will be launching a Cluster of 50 Nano-Satellite to low-earth-orbit from the end of 2018 to the end of 2022 as a part of our long-term strategy to deliver a cost-effective service for advanced remote sensing of critical assets.We have been developing Gcrypt long distance data communication networks on the top of Interoute Worldwide Fiberoptic and Virtual Data Centre networks that connects North America to Europe and Far-east with high-speed throughput.The architect team behind Gcrypt platform envisioned a terrestrial wireless sensor network supported with a cluster of nano-satellite technology.

GCRYPT :Infinite possibilities | 4th industrial revolution

Gcrypt creates new possibilities in secure sensing technology

Gcrypt Platform , A new worldwide private blockchain ecosystem, purposed for global industrial automation

The architect team behind Gcrypt are developing a Decentralised Ledger protocol stack that aims to solve some of the most challenging problems facing by industrial automation across industries worldwide. e.g”Intelligent Assets Management & Secure Data Telemetry”.

Miniature photoelectric sensor O8 with maximum precisio
Miniature photoelectric sensor O8 with maximum precisio

GCRYPT :Infinite possibilities | 4th industrial revolution

Obelisk Labs

Look through some of our past three years work, the 1000’s(Thousands) of hours of R&D – the things we are truly proud of!

Identifying Benefits and aligning IIoT strategy

There are critical steps in the IIoT planning process.We’ve highlighted the following four core benefits for organizations to determine their strategic rationale:

  • Improving operations: Productivity and Efficiency (OEE), Condition Monitoring, Predictive Analytics
  • Optimizing Assets: Asset Utilization, Asset health Diagnostic & Repair
  • Enhancing Services: Machine Learning, Better Customer Experience
  • Generating Revenues: New Pricing models based on usage, Real-time Dynamic Pricing




4.0 Enterprise Architecture to Ecosystem Architecture 4.0

A step towards Gcrypt’s vision of the future .

Improving the relationship between machines and
human through decentralised ledger technology .


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